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A presenter console with multi-monitor support for PDF files.

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pdfpc is a GTK-based presentation viewer which uses Keynote-like multi-monitor output to provide meta information to the speaker during the presentation. It is able to show a normal presentation window on one screen while showing a more sophisticated overview on the other one, providing information like a picture of the next slide, as well as the time left in the presentation. pdfpc processes PDF documents, which can be created using nearly all modern presentation software.


Presenter view
Presenter view, showing the current and next slides, remaining time, notes and some additional information.
Overview mode
Overview mode showing all the slides in the presentation


The most relevant features of pdfpc are:

See the pdfpc(1) and pdfpcrc(5) for more details.

To get a better feeling of pdfpc, install it, download the demo presentation and start it with

pdfpc pdfpc-demo.pdf

or try an example with movies and start it with

pdfpc video-example.pdf


Getting pdfpc


If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can install it from the repository.

sudo apt-get install pdf-presenter-console

If you use Arch Linux, you can install it directly via pacman (Arch Linux Package Description).

pacman -S pdfpc

You can also get the bleeding-edge version from GitHub. For compiling the git version, follow the instructions given in the GitHub page.


In order to compile and run pdfpc the following requirements need to be met:

Compile and install

Download pdfpc-4.0.tgz. Uncompress the tarball (we use v4.0 as an example here)

tar xvf pdfpc-4.0.tgz

Change to the extracted directory:

cd pdfpc-4.0

Compile and install:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

If there are no errors in the process, you just installed pdfpc on your system. Congratulations! If there were errors, they are probably due to missing dependencies. Please check that you have all the necessary libraries (in some distributions you may have to install *-devel packages).

Note: You may alter the final installation prefix in the cmake call. By default the pdfpc files will be installed under /usr/local/. If you want to change that, for example to be installed under /usr/, with config files under /etc/ you may specify another installation prefix as follows:


Config files

The keybindings of pdfpc can be customized by writing a config file, see the pdfpcrc(5) for details.


pdfpc is a fork of pdf presenter console by Jakob Westhoff. pdfpc 4.0 is the continued work on pdfpc mainly developed by David Vilar's pdfpc